Updating DM: A checklist

A long-term goal of some departments is to conduct annual faculty reviews electronically using information stored within Digital Measures (DM). Annual reviews are now completed on a calendar year basis, and faculty are advised to update their information during the Fall semester.

Below are five suggested steps to follow while updating information relevant to annual reviews.

1. Ensure publications are updated with status corresponding to date

Two of the most significant fields within Publications are "Status" and "Date Accepted/Published." For entries to be reported accurately, the status must have the appropriate corresponding date.

For example, a publication with status "Published" must have a "Date Published" entry, and an "Accepted" entry must have a "Date Accepted." If there is no date, regardless of status, the entry will not appear in reports covering a specific date span. Year is the only entry needed; month and day are optional.

From the Manage Data screen, users can click the Publications link and see a list of all entries, with title, status and date published (if entered). Confirm that the status has the appropriate date. Users can also search the different databases for other personal publications, and import BibTex files to create new entries.

Publication status and dates must match

2. Check the end dates on Service activities

There are two service screens, one dedicated to campus activities and another to professional and public. Similar to the Publications screen, both list all entries by Committee/Event Name, position and dates served.

For existing entries, confirm service dates are correct. If a term has ended, edit the entry to include an end year. Any entry without an end date will be displayed as "- Present."

Service screenshot

3. Confirm grant information

Ensure all grants, contracts or sponsored research have been added to your record. Unlike AGrants, Digital Measures is meant to record the total amount of an award at the time of its inception. AGrants only records grant totals as they are received by the university.

4. Update Research in Progress

This screen is meant to better aid faculty in documenting research efforts. It includes options for Status and Date Research Completed. The purpose of this screen is to document ongoing research efforts or report the results of previous research. For example, a research thesis may have been abandoned, but a user still wants a record of time invested pursuing it.

The "Status" field allows users to describe a project as planning, on-going, writing results, published or abandoned. "Date Research Completed" aids in reporting those entries (if desired) within an appropriate time period. Without that date, entries will be displayed in perpetuity.

Research in progress screenshot

5. Review Presentations/Performances and Exhibits

Similar to other suggestions above, make sure all entries have appropriate dates entered.

With regard to Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits, the screen allows individual users in a collaborative project to only enter their specific information relevant to their role. There is no need for co-collaborators to be entered. For example, if a user directed a campus production, they do not need to list the roles of colleagues who also participated in that same event.

To allow for more accurate reporting of specific events with multiple on-campus collaborators, there are four fields at the bottom of the screen reserved for completion by a director or coordinator of an event. This allows for DM to create a report listing individual events during a specific time period.

Entry screens for dates for one performance with multiple authors

More Information

These are just five recommended entries to check as users prepare for the annual review process. Questions or suggestions on how to improve thw process should be directed to university administrator Robert Robertson either via email (robertsonrw@appstate.edu) or the contact form online at digitalmeasures.appstate.edu. Here is a PDF handout based on the information on this page.

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Published: Sep 14, 2019 12:14pm