DM rebranding to Watermark Faculty Success

In June 2018, Watermark acquired Digital Measures. At the time Digital Measures worked with more than 350 partner institutions and more than 400,000 faculty members, including Appalachian State. Appalachian State has been a client since 2008.

Watermark is now moving to rebrand the application. Beginning August 10, 2021 client universities will see their interface rebranded as Watermark Faculty Success. The company says these updates are largely visual and focused on introducing the new descriptive name for the product. It will also reinforce its home within the Watermark Suite by providing a more consistent experience to those who use multiple Watermark products (such as TK20).

This comes as Appalachian State renews its contract with Watermark. Only three colleges are contracted to use the application going forward. Sometime in late August access to Watermark Faculty Success will be limited to faculty with the College of Fine and Applied Arts, College of Business and University Library. No data will be deleted. All users in other colleges and departments will be marked as inactive. If any information needs to be retrieved, contact the University Administrator at

What's changing?

  • The new name will start to show up in the product itself, starting with updates to logos and text references. Both the old and new product names will appear together for a period of time to ease the transition.
  • Watermark will refer to this product by its new name, Watermark Faculty Success. As time permits, support materials will also be updated.
  • New fonts subtly different but which align with the styles in the Watermark brand will be visible, as well as fonts users encounter in other Watermark products.

What's not changing?

  • No workflows are changing, and users will continue to access this software just as they always have.
Watermark Faculty Success
Published: Jul 28, 2021 12:28pm